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The Dos and Don’ts of Video Interviewing

Posted on 20/03/2020

Over the last few years, video interviews have become more and more popular.  According to Talent Hub, the use of video interviewing has risen 49% since 2011.

As video is becoming an increasingly popular platform for candidate interviews, it is important that candidates adhere to certain guidelines to ensure that interviews are conducted in as professional a manner as possible.

Video Interview Do’s

Do: Dress Appropriately

In preparing for a video interview, which will very possibly be conducted from your home, please don’t wear your favorite hoodie on camera. You should treat video interviews as if they are in-person interviews:  dress professionally and keep jewelry (and make-up) minimal and appropriate to an office setting.  Additionally, clear the interview room of anything which may become a distraction during the interview process.  For example, cell phones and computer noises should be silenced, and additional people and pets should not be present in the room during the interview. 

Do: Have a Professional Background

Aside from looking at you, the only other thing that a video interviewer will notice is the background of your room. Make sure your interview space is not untidy or distracting; you should ensure that the background reflects a polished, professional environment, as this will immediately set a professional tone for the call. The last thing you want is for your background to steal the spotlight from you and distract from your interview.

Do: Test Out the Video Platform

Once your interview is scheduled, familiarize yourself with the technology you will use for the video. If there is anything you need to download or install, do that in advance of the call to ensure that everything is running smoothly; you want to avoid any software/hardware glitches.  Some popular video platforms you might use for the video interview are ZoomGoToMeeting, and Google Hangouts.

Do: Test Your Audio and Video

Not only do you want to test out the video platform in advance, but you will also want to make sure the audio function of your computer is working properly.  Do a quick test of both audio and video systems to make sure there are no issues with either of them before you take the call.

Do: Find a Strong Internet Connection

Despite a video interview starting off smoothly, if you have a slow internet connection, that is most likely going to frustrate the person interviewing you; they may miss pertinent information and be unable to completely hear your responses to their questions. If your home Internet connection is unsatisfactory, check out this list of places that offer free wifi.

Do: Send a Thank You Note

Even though you are not speaking with the interviewer face-to-face, as you would during an in-person meeting, you are still taking time out of the interviewer’s day so that he or she can evaluate you as a potential candidate for their role. Making a good impression during and after the interview is crucial, and the rules for sending thank-you notes for video interviews apply just as they do for in-person interviews:  send a note thanking each interviewer for his/her time, and ensure that these notes are sent promptly after the interview.

Video Interview Don’ts

Don’t: Take the Call in a Loud Setting

At the end of the day, the quality and content of your answers will likely determine whether an interviewer chooses to move forward with you as a candidate.  However, if the person is unable to hear your answers, or only partially hears your responses, you will not be able to fully represent yourself as a quality candidate.  Therefore, ensure that your interview room remains quiet for the duration of the interview.

Don’t: Move the Camera

Have you ever taken a video on your phone and then realized how shaky your hand was when you recorded it? If you are using your phone for the call, please don’t hold the phone in your hand.  Movement or shakiness during the video call can make the interviewer somewhat dizzy; it also comes across as highly unprofessional. Prop your phone against a solid object to avoid any video shakiness during the interview.

Similarly, if you’re taking the call on a computer or laptop, make sure to keep it on a steady surface throughout the interview.

Don’t: Turn Off Your Video

We have had the unfortunate experience of having interviewees turn off their cameras either before or during a video interview.  Please ensure that you turn your camera on and off at the appropriate times, which would be a minute or two before the interview begins, and a minute or two after the interview concludes.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Now it’s time to shine! It is your job to wow video interviewers with your preparation and professionalism.  Please review the tips in this article so that you are prepared and can put your best foot forward for your video interview.

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