This candidate-driven job market creates unique challenges for employers looking to hire exceptional talent. At 360 Recruiting Solutions, we partner with our clients in their quest for the most qualified and skilled candidates to meet their specific hiring needs. Our goal is to improve the sourcing and recruiting strategies of our clients and to ensure that they have a pool of highly qualified candidates from which they can make their selections. We pride ourselves on offering efficient recruitment processes, professionalism, and timely turnaround times in order to consistently meet the expectations and needs of employers.

360 Recruiting Solutions implements a 7-Step Recruitment Cycle to ensure the recruiting process is successful, and we deliver the highest customer service levels for our clients and candidates.

Our 7-step recruitment process includes:

  • Assessing client needs and creating a detailed talent profile blueprint;
  • Searching and identifying best talent fit;
  • Selecting the right candidates;
  • Interviewing candidates and creating a long list of probable candidates;
  • Conducting further interviews to create a shortlist of candidates;
  • Placement; and
  • Post-placement Follow up

We look forward to assisting you with your hiring needs!

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