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360 Recruiting Solutions is a Northern California full-cycle recruiting firm specializing in Accounting and Finance. We partner with our corporate clients in their quest for the most qualified and skilled candidates to meet their specific hiring needs. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, professionalism, and timely turnaround times in order to consistently meet the expectations and needs of our clients and candidates.

At 360 Recruiting Solutions, our goal is to partner with our clients to ensure that they have a pool of highly qualified candidates from which they can make their selections. We also consult with well-qualified professionals seeking to elevate their careers, including those who are engaged in passive as well as active searches. Depending on your organizational needs, we are also able to design and deliver top-notch customized training programs and tools for recruiters, HR departments, and executive managers.

If you are looking for a new opportunity, or you need to hire someone with a specific skillset, please give us a call. We are eager to be a resource for you and your company’s hiring needs.

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